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“I think I finally found my Dentist for life. Everyone was very nice and really made me feel comfortable. I’m actually looking forward to my next cleaning.”





img-familyWe love our unique community because it’s full of diverse people with diverse backgrounds. Our patients are genuine, loyal, and have a great appreciation for life. We can’t get enough of patients who comment, “I can’t believe I actually enjoy coming to the dentist now!” Join the bandwagon of our favorite dental fans who, after getting their own needs taken care of, help us take care of others in our community. Nothing makes our practice stronger or more fulfilled than helping those around us.





We are Summit Family Dentistry

Our patients come from diverse backgrounds, but it’s incredible to see how united we can be with our values, our children, and our healthcare. Our Summit Family Dentistry team possesses these same core values. As an experienced dentist in Littleton, CO, Dr. Harvey feels honored to be part of this incredible community.


What are your needs?

Doctor Harvey is an experts in deciphering the best treatment plan for each patient’s needs and desires. From a simple cleaning to a complete smile redesign, we offer many services and options to accommodate your treatment needs. We want there to be no question about it – providing you with a great experience is our top priority.

We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with your family!




“Our patients understand about the most important things in life”
– Dr. Harvey