Our Office

“Our office is unlike any other in Colorado. It is relaxing and comforting, and it provides the absolute finest equipment.”
– Dr. Harvey 




The moment you step foot inside Summit Family Dentistry, you’ll notice a difference. A caring and professional team will welcome you to our clean and comfortable office; designed with your needs in mind. You’ll find yourself in a soothing, cozy ambiance that might even make you forget you’re in a dental office. We know that each patient who walks in our door is different, and we treat everyone in a way that lets them know they are appreciated and respected.


Available Services:

✓ Soft Blankets ✓ Neck Pillows
✓ Popular Movies ✓ Personal Headsets
✓ Digital X-Rays ✓ Intraoral Cameras
✓ Soft-Tissue Lasers ✓ Oral Cancer Screenings



Would Netflix, Pandora and a comfy pillow make your dental visit more enjoyable?

Progressive Technology

Our doctors hand selected the state-of-the-art technologies used in our offices in order to provide you with the best possible service and experience. You can trust that the treatments provided by Dr. Harvey and our team are performed using the latest techniques, materials, and equipment available.

We welcome any questions on the technologies we choose for our office and our patients. An opportunity to educate you on our passion, total body health through dentistry, makes our day! We want the best for you.