5 Questions to Ask Your Littleton Dentist

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Our Summit Family Dentistry team encourages our patients to ask questions during their visits. We believe that the more information you have about protecting your pearly whites and caring for your oral health, the healthier you’ll be. To help you take more control over your oral health, we’ve come up with 5 questions you should ask your Littleton dentist during your next visit.

  1. How Can I Improve My Dental Health?
  2. Even though this question may seem obvious, it’s important. You can reduce your risk for many common dental issues by following a good oral hygiene routine at home – and your dentist can give you tips on what to do! For example, our team often recommends that our patients switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush if they’re not using one already. Harder bristles can irritate gums and damage tooth enamel.

  3. Can You Help Me with My Dental Anxiety?
  4. If you’re struggling with dental anxiety, you’re not alone – and you don’t need to struggle alone! Our office offers different sedation dentistry options that can help keep you comfortable throughout your treatment. If dental anxiety interferes with your oral health and your dentist doesn’t offer sedation dentistry, we’d love to see you at Summit Family Dentistry!

  5. Is There Anything I Should Discuss With My Doctor?
  6. Your oral health often reflects your overall health. During every dental exam, our team looks for changes in your mouth that may be signs of diabetes, osteoporosis, and other issues. On the other hand, you should let your dentist know if there are any major changes to your health like becoming pregnant or starting a new medication. Many seemingly unrelated health items can impact your oral health.

  7. What Are the Warning Signs of Gum Disease?
  8. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. However, it can usually be reversed or treated if caught early. Regular dental cleanings and exams play an important role in controlling gum disease. If you notice any of the early warning signs of gum disease such as gums that are swollen, tender, red, or bleed easily, it’s time to schedule an appointment.

  9. What Foods Can Help Strengthen My Teeth?
  10. Diet is an often-overlooked part of oral health. Your dentist can give you personalized recommendations on which foods to prioritize and which foods to avoid. For example, we let our patients know that a diet high in protein, leafy greens, and whole fruit can strengthen their teeth and protect their overall oral health.

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Summit Family Dentistry loves helping our existing patients maintain excellent oral health! We are also always happy to welcome new patients to our comfortable office. We offer a wide range of dental treatments for patients of all ages. To ask our team any questions or to schedule a visit, call us today!

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