Tooth-Healthy Items for Your Kid’s Easter Basket

Floral Easter basket with Easter eggs next to a bouquet of yellow tulips

An exciting part of Easter for children is the joy of a brightly-colored Easter basket. Often, baskets are left by the “Easter Bunny”, who comes at night and leaves these grass-filled containers filled with sweet treats. The problem is that sweets and candies aren’t good for the health of children’s teeth. Because we don’t want to spoil your holiday fun, here are some healthy alternatives to Easter candy that are sure to make any child smile.

Easter Basket Ideas

  1. Small Toys
  2. Whether your child likes cars, dolls, or dinosaurs, there are small toys to fit every budget and desire. Think about small items that you’d use to fill a goodie bag for a birthday party. Yo-yos, slinkies, bubbles, accessories like play rings and necklaces, and spinning tops are all small play items that kids love. Plus, they don’t harm teeth!

  3. Easter Eggs
  4. Brightly colored Easter eggs are a staple of every Easter basket. But instead of filling these plastic eggs with candy, you can fill them with handwritten words of affirmation or puzzle pieces for your child to put together. For a healthy option, you can dip-dye hard boiled eggs that your child can eat for lunch. Eggs are high in protein, which is good for their oral health and children will love the bright colors!

  5. Crafts
  6. Pencils, stencils, crayons, stamps, watercolor paints, journals, coloring books, and stickers are always a hit for a creative kid. Choose bright spring colors and themes that coincide with bunnies, chicks, and renewal for spring. Not only are these healthier for teeth, but they will also keep your child busy and stimulated all week long.

  7. Books
  8. Books are treasures that your child will prize for many years. Gift any book that has a meaning to you. Reading the book with your child at night will allow for plenty of attention and quality time, and help improve their vocabulary.

  9. Toothbrushes
  10. Although we are biased to oral hygiene tools as gifts, there are so many kid-friendly options today on the market that are sure to make your child smile. Choose a brightly-colored, soft-bristled brush with their favorite cartoon character. This will make them feel inspired to care for their teeth and have fun while doing it.

Happy Easter & Happy Spring!

We hope you enjoy the beginning to spring and get to spend lots of time with your family and friends. Enjoy your favorite treats in moderation and remember to brush and floss your teeth every day, and to visit Summit Family Dentistry every six months. Contact us to schedule checkups for your entire family.

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