Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush!

Getting kids to brush their teeth can be an uphill battle filled with kicking and screaming. However, starting kids with proper oral hygiene from a young age is critical in ensuring they carry these good habits into adulthood. In honor of Children’s National Dental Health Month this February, we came up with some fun and easy ways to get your kids to brush their teeth!

1. Let your child pick their favorite song

Most songs last about 2-3 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time needed to properly brush! So turn up the tunes and have a dance party! fun ways to get your kids to brush

2. Reward your child

If you see them exhibiting good brushing behavior, reward them with whatever motivates your child like stickers or other small items! get kids to brush with rewards

3. Make brushing a family affair

Get everyone together to brush their teeth in the morning and evening so it can become an event your child looks forward to everyday! brushing as a family

4. Give them choices

Let them pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste! This allows them to feel more involved and more likely to want to engage. Just make sure they’re both ADA approved! get kids to brush with choices  

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