Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Teeth?

Photo of a package of sugar-free gum.
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People chew gum for many reasons. Some want to quit smoking or cut back on snacking. Other people chew gum because it helps them deal with stress. But is it good for your teeth?

Chewing Sugarless Gum Is Okay

Chewing gum – as long as it’s sugarless – is just fine for your teeth. It actually comes with benefits! Chewing gum encourages more saliva production, which washes away the acid created by harmful cavity-causing bacteria. Regular gum with sugar generates saliva, too, but it ends up just spreading sugar around your mouth. This leads to an increased risk for cavities and gum disease. Stick with sugarless gum. Gum can be problematic when you have certain orthodontics or if you have had trouble with jaw stiffness. Our Summit Family Dentistry professionals are happy to answer any questions for you.

Gum with Xylitol & Recaldent

Some gum brands contain Xylitol, which is a natural plant-based sweetener. Research suggests Xylitol can reduce the bacteria that lead to decay. The sweetener also helps neutralize the acid in your mouth, protecting your tooth enamel. Recaldent (also known as CPP-ACP) is another ingredient you might see in some chewing gums. Recaldent comes from casein, a milk protein, and can remineralize tooth enamel and even slow down tooth decay!

Chewing Gum: Look for the ADA Seal

When you’re shopping for chewing gum and want to be sure you’re getting a good kind, look for the ADA seal. This means the gum doesn’t contain sugar and won’t damage your teeth. The seal also means the gum has met specific standards.

High-Quality Family Dentistry in Littleton, CO

Chewing gum can be good for your teeth, but it doesn’t replace brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings with a dentist. Regular hygiene cleanings for your family members are essential for a healthy smile. Summit Family Dentistry wants to see you at least twice a year so give us a call to get your appointments on the schedule.

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