Sweet Summertime Snacks That Are Good for Your Teeth

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The days are longer in the summer, and without school and extracurricular activities, many kids find themselves reaching for snacks more often. If your child prefers to have something sweet to munch on, here are some excellent summertime snacks that are easy to make and great alternatives to sugary treats that will help them maintain positive oral health.

Fresh Fruit

There are so many delicious fruits that are in season during the summer, and not only are they packed with fiber and nutrients, they are also a great tooth-friendly snack option! We recommend sticking with low acidity fruits like melons, bananas, and peaches. Cutting up fresh fruit and keeping it in the freezer can help to keep your family cool during the warmer months as well!

Greek Yogurt

While ice cream and frozen yogurt are great in moderation, Greek yogurt is a better alternative for your dental and overall health. Many Greek yogurts contain probiotics, and the yogurt itself can help keep your teeth clean. It can also be fun for kids to dress up their parfaits by adding their favorite fruits and nuts.

Low-Sugar Popsicles

There are many great options for low-sugar popsicles on the market that can satisfy your child’s sweet tooth. Can’t find any at your local grocer? Use their favorite real fruit juice or make some homemade lemonade and freeze it into popsicles. Making your own popsicles at home also doubles as a fun summer activity for the kids!

Peanut Butter

Feel like your fruit salad is missing something? Cutting up an apple or a banana and adding some peanut butter on the side makes for a great summertime snack for kids and parents alike. As long as you opt for a low-sugar or no-sugar peanut butter, it’s a great side that isn’t so bad for your smile!

Promoting Strong Teeth in Littleton, CO

Summer schedules are often more relaxed with later bedtimes and that can make it challenging to keep everyone on a good dental hygiene routine. You can make sure your family members are maintaining good oral health by scheduling a semi-annual exam and cleaning. Summer is also a good time to take care of any overdue dental work that you might need. Give Summit Family Dentistry a call to schedule your next appointment.

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