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Giving Back: IFCS Donation

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Integrated Family Community Services (IFCS) with a toothbrush and floss pack donation for kids. When we arrived we were shown where all the items are held, sorted and put onto shelves for families to take. There were extremely friendly volunteers sorting through huge food donations that they had … Continued

The Truth About Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a real thing! Studies show that up to 60% of people have anxiety about going to the dentist, and 5-10% of them have dental phobia – a recognized mental disorder. Dental anxiety causes varying degrees of fear which manifests itself in general nervousness, avoidance, dread, sleeplessness and sometimes actual feelings of panic … Continued

Do I Have Dry Mouth?

Check out our blog post to learn about a few signs and causes of dry mouth. If your mouth always feels like a desert, we are here to help. Consult with our team today for evaluation and treatment!

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Summit Family Dentistry